Commercial Asphalt Sealcoating and Repair in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas

BlackMax provides many services including asphalt repair and maintenance, seal coating, crack sealing, concrete paving, joint sealing and line striping.

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BlackMax provides our customers with a number of asphalt and concrete maintenance and repair services for any situation, from driveways to parking lots to local highways.  Our technicians will provide quick and superb service for any project you have.  To receive a FREE ESTIMATE for your project, please call Duane at 402-432-7592 or fill out our Contact Form below.

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BlackMax is the premier provider of asphalt and concrete maintenance and repair in the Midwest.


Asphalt in the Midwest can take a pounding year-round from rain, snow, sun and everyday use. The results can reduce the professional look of your lot or roadway as well as increase the risk of injury. We offer a number of means to repair damage of any size to your asphalt.

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Seal coating can provide your asphalt with a shield against ultraviolet rays, moisture and the elements. You should look to seal your asphalt when it starts to turn gray or cracks begin to form. Seal coating will extend the life of your asphalt and should be completed every 3-5 years.

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Cracks in asphalt and concrete are unattractive and can threaten the strength of your pavement leading to structural problems and expenses to repair them. BlackMax uses a number of crack sealing methods to protect the foundation of your pavement and maintain your investment.

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Our concrete crews can form many works including slabs, foundations, curbs, drives, sidewalks, access ramps, gutters, wall footings and even decorative concrete. Our work will seamlessly blend into your new and existing surfaces creating a visually appealing and fully functional area.

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Control joints allow concrete slabs to shrink and grow over time without producing unwanted cracks. Our concrete crews will work with you to seal or fill the joints in your space in order to create a strong, stable slab that will survive the test of time and remain visually appealing.

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Well-painted pavement lines and signage are essential to a fully functional lot and see to needs like traffic flow, ADA compliance and ensure safety for vehicles and pedestrians. We can apply professional markings and signage to meet all city, county and state requirement

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